• What should be paid attention to when using the distributor of Guangdong full automatic incense making machine?

    The following four points should be paid attention to in the use and technical protection of the distributor of Guangdong full-automatic incense making machine: 1. When operating the distributor, the direction from "neutral" to "floating" should be fast and stable to avoid the phenomenon of oil pressure wave peak when crossing the "depressurization" direction; after "progress", it should return to the "neutral" position by "Automatic Jumping position"; after "pressing the mountain peak", the hand should be raised immediately to make the slide valve close to the back position Spring return, to prevent the safety valve often open, system pressure progress, affect the service life. 2. Check the hydraulic oil frequently, replace it regularly, and keep the oil clean. 3. The faults of the automatic incense making machine should be carefully analyzed, and the ways to eliminate them are as follows: (1)


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