What should be paid attention to when using the distributor of Guangdong full automatic incense making machine?

2020-12-24 10:30:58

YesGuangdong automatic incense making machineAttention should be paid to the following four points in the use and technical protection of the distributor:

1. When operating the distributor, the direction from "neutral" to "floating" should be fast and stable to avoid the phenomenon of oil pressure wave crest when crossing the "depressurization" direction; "after" progress ", it should return to the" neutral "direction by" automatic jump position "; after" pressure mountain peak ", it should immediately raise its hand to make its slide valve return to the spring, so as to prevent the safety valve often open and the system pressure progress, which will affect the service life Life.

2. Check the hydraulic oil frequently, replace it regularly, and keep the oil clean.

3. The faults of the automatic fragrance making machine should be carefully analyzed, and the cleaning methods are as follows:

(1) phenomenon: the pressure of safety valve is too high

Cause: the safety valve is loose.

Cleaning method: in the case of inspection and debugging equipment, dismantle and tighten


(2) phenomenon: there is oil leakage and leakage at the joint of distributor parts.

Cause: seal ring or gasket is damaged; screw or nut is loose.

Cleaning method: replace the sealing ring, gasket, and tighten the screws and nuts.

(3) phenomenon: the system suddenly has no pressure

Cause: the oil return valve is stuck in the open state.

Cleaning method: open the oil return valve, check and clean it, and check whether it is stuck after installation.

4. Without checking the pressure test equipment, it is not allowed to remove the lead seal and check the safety valve pressure and slide valve

Adjustment of automatic trip pressure, in case of wrong adjustment value, affecting normal use or system overload.

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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