Product quality and production efficiency of fragrance making machine

2020-12-24 187

By mastering the process and formula, the aroma making machine can also control the burning time of incense. Of course, the important thing is still to smell. The high-quality thread fragrance usually has no obvious fragrance when it is not lit. After lighting, the fragrance is also very mellow and has no effect. Moreover, the freshly burned ash has no hot feeling. When producing, set the standard size of Xianxiang.

The agarwood clay is put into the linear incense making machine, and then the machine will run incense once to make the machine smooth. Sometimes it needs more times depending on the situation. After straightening out, the fragrance can be started. When the fragrance is kneaded from the fragrance making machine, it will be cut according to the length required. After placing it in cardboard, it can be sent into the oven for drying. The conveyor belt is used to send incense, and then the first cut is loaded with cardboard, and the cleanliness and flatness should be adhered to, so as to deliver good thread fragrance.


If there is no hard demand, no satisfied purchase quantity, and no satisfactory economic benefit of the market, it is estimated that so many people will choose this job. On the contrary, the threshold of incense making operation is not high, and the technical difficulty is not so difficult. It is a good project for entrepreneurs to choose and implement 。

Full automatic incense making machine needs to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the circuit, and check the circuit frequently to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by the aging of the circuit. The warehouse storing incense materials and products must pay attention to fire prevention. The climate in autumn is monotonous, so it is necessary to prevent open fire and all possible fire sources. There is less rain in autumn, so it is still very good for making incense. Because the fragrance of many products needs to be dried, the monotonous air and excellent temperature are conducive to drying. Pay attention to the daily operation standard during the operation of the automatic incense making machine, and pay attention to cut off the power supply after the operation.

Source: Xinhui automatic aroma making machine

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