What should Guangdong automatic incense making machine do before dismantling the bearing?

2020-12-24 179

(1) remove the decorative cover and dust cover of the bearing head;

(2) remove the tire nut and tire, and be careful not to damage the thread of the tire bolt. If it is a disc brake, the brake should be removed and then used to remove the lock ring or lock pin.

(3) remove the bearing with special tools;

(4) scrape off the old grease in the bearing, journal and bearing cavity, clean the bearing and journal with detergent and dry it with cloth, and finally wipe the bearing cavity with cloth.

(5) check the bearing and bearing race and find that there are cracks, fatigue falling and loose bearing roller, so the bearing should be replaced. If pitting is found on the bearing race, the bearing should also be replaced.

(6) check the cooperation condition between the bearing inner diameter and the journal. The cooperation vacancy should not be greater than 0.1 mm. When measuring the journal, it should be measured at the upper and lower parts of the vertical ground (where is the large wear part). Assuming that the cooperative vacancy crosses the rules, the bearing should be replaced to restore the normal cooperative vacancy. It is not allowed to make burr and pitting on the journal to reduce the vacancy.


(7) after all parts meet the requirements, the inner bearing shall be coated with grease and put into the bearing.

(8) pay attention when changing the grease in the bearing cavity. Squeeze the grease into the bearing until the grease comes out from the other side of the bearing. Apply a thin layer of grease in the bearing cavity and shaft head cover to prevent rust. Be careful that the grease in the bearing cavity should not be changed too much, otherwise it will affect heat dissipation and braking.

(9) install the bearing and outer bearing back to the journal, screw on the shaft head adjusting nut by hand, and then tighten the adjusting nut with the shaft head wrench according to the specified torque. After tightening the nut, the rolling bearing should be controlled for several cycles to see the condition of the bearing device; on the other hand, the bearing and race should be coordinated by rolling. At the moment, the bearing tightness is appropriate, and the wheel rolls freely without feeling the axial vacancy.

(10) lock plate, fixing nut, tire, dust cover, decorative cover and other parts.

(11) after the bearing is adjusted, travel for a certain distance (controlled by 1 km), park and check the temperature of the bearing, assuming that the heating is caused by too tight adjustment of the bearing, it should be adjusted from the beginning to properly loosen the tightness of the bearing.

The necessity of bearing lubrication is also acknowledged by experiments and practice. The 42724 bearing is tested at 14.3t and proper speed of 140km / h. When 5g grease is added, the bearing can operate for 7h, while when no grease is added, it can only operate for 10min, with a life difference of 42 times. According to the calculation of the vehicle part, the bearing lubrication is damaged due to poor sealing, water and sand dust, which leads to the replacement of different types of bearings The specific content is as high as 30-60%. The above conditions fully show that normal lubrication condition is an important prerequisite for bearing internal life.

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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