What are the misunderstandings in the maintenance of incense making machine?

2020-12-24 10:30:58

I. new products without matching

When replacing the cylinder liner piston of the incense making machine, it is considered that the new cylinder liner and piston are all standard, so it is OK to install them. In fact, the specifications of cylinder liner and piston have certain service scope. If the large standard cylinder liner is matched with the small standard piston, the cooperation vacancy will be too large, which will cause the weak tightening and difficulty in launching. Therefore, it is necessary to check the standard grouping codes of cylinder liner and piston when changing. It is necessary to make the codes of cylinder liner and piston the same in order to ensure the cooperation space. For multi cylinder diesel engine, it is necessary to install the cylinder liner and piston with the same group code. In addition, pay attention to check the cylinder plug vacancy before installation, so as to ensure the equipment specification, before installing the engine Also should carry on a check, in order to prevent fake and inferior products muddle through.

II. Grinding bearing bush with emery cloth

When many repairmen change the bearing bush of incense making machine, because it is difficult to grasp the scraping skill, it is difficult to reach the skill request. In order to add the contact surface between the pad and the shaft, they grind the bearing bush with abrasive cloth. This method is not advisable because the sand is hard and the alloy is soft. When grinding, the sand is very easy to be embedded into the alloy, which will accelerate the wear of the journal and shorten the service life of the crankshaft.


3. The engine oil is only added but not changed

Many friends only pay attention to check the quantity of lubricating oil in incense making machine and add it according to the specification, but ignore to check the quality of lubricating oil. They neglect to replace the deteriorated oil and then speed up the wear of lubricating parts. Especially for new or overhauled mechanical equipment, there will be more impurities after commissioning. If the oil is not completely cleaned and replaced, it will be eager to put into use, which will easily lead to accidents such as tile burning and axle holding. In addition, if the oil passage is not cleaned when replacing the oil, there will be hidden dangers. There are many mechanical impurities in the used oil. Even if the oil is exhausted, there are still impurities in the oil pan and oil passage. So pay attention to clean the oil passage.

4. Grease should not be applied to cylinder head gasket and tire nut

Some repairmen like to apply a layer of grease on the cylinder head gasket when they equip the cylinder head gasket, thinking that the tightness of the engine can be added. As we all know, the cylinder head gasket is not only required to seal the high temperature and high pressure gas in the cylinder, but also to seal the cooling water and oil with a certain pressure and flow rate in the cylinder head and cylinder body. Therefore, it is required to pay special attention to the sealing quality when disassembling the cylinder head gasket. If the cylinder head gasket is coated with lubricating grease, when the cylinder head is screwed, the sealing quality of the cylinder head gasket should be improved When the bolt is tightened, part of the grease will be squeezed into the water channel and oil channel of the cylinder. When the cylinder is working, because of the high temperature, part of the grease left in the cylinder pad will flow into the cylinder for incineration, and the other part will be stored on the contact surface between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, so that there is a gap between the cylinder pad, the cylinder head and the plane of the cylinder body. The high temperature and high pressure make the gas easy to impact and damage the cylinder pad from here, thus forming a new type of cylinder leak. In addition, the grease will deposit carbon under high temperature for a long time.

Article source: Guangdong automatic fragrance machine


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