Seven things to pay attention to when using Xinhui automatic incense making machine

2020-12-24 10:30:58

  Xinhui automatic incense making machineIt is a new type of aroma making machine, which has been basically put into use in shopping malls. Today, the manufacturers of full-automatic aroma making machines introduce some matters needing attention in the application of automatic aroma making machines

1. Before starting the test machine, check whether all parts of the machine meet the requirements and whether the screws and bolts are loose.

2. Stop placing inflammable and explosive materials near the full brake incense making machine to avoid accidents.

3. In order to ensure the product quality and normal production, we should adhere to the uniform blanking.


4. Stop the motor overload together to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

5. Always pay attention to check the tightness and looseness of all parts of the full brake incense maker.

6. Check the wearing condition of vulnerable parts together.

7. In case of severe wear, it should be replaced in time to avoid damaging the primary parts, and necessary fire prevention measures should be taken.

Source: Xinhui automatic aroma making machine

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